DIMENSIONS is the all-in-one solution for convertible space made in Germany

With DIMENSONS, we design, create and build an overall technical interior design as a flexible open-space version: fast, functionally, cost-efficiently and aesthetically.

A laboratory today and an office tomorrow?

No problem: DIMENSIONS provides rooms with a potential for tomorrow’s developments. Thus, the rooms remain convertible to also meet future requirements and are ready for variable subsequent use.

Our ingredients to create adaptability

  • Interdisciplinary engineering
  • Modular trades
  • Flexible installations
  • Adaptive functional surfaces

This is how we create confidence

  • One and the same contact person
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Agreed set price
  • Binding delivery date



DIMENSIONS supplies everything from one source

Innovative technology, outstanding product quality, industrial safety, a high level of operating comfort, ergonomics, sustainability, appealing aesthetics, and a feel-good factor.

DIMENSIONS ensures variability at all levels

  • Flexibility in the workplace

    Individual adaptability, modular furniture and specific equipment

  • Configurability of sections

    Redesign according to organizational structures and workflows, Conversion of the floor plan, room-in-room systems, free positioning of the furniture

  • Reversibility of technical services

    Systematic building services routes, infrastructure for selective subsequent installations and general reductions or expansions

  • Neutrality of the building regarding its use

    Suitable for subsequent use and secondary applications

Overall building and partial projects

DIMENSIONS works in the areas of conventional, mobile and temporary buildings, as well as refurbishments and conversions. We provide our all-in-one solutions for both overall and partial projects.

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