As an architect and planner you will achieve lots of flexibility with DIMENSIONS.

Designing and planning rooms becomes easier

DIMENSIONS makes it easier for you as architects and planners to meet the high requirements of functionality and architectural quality on buildings and rooms alike.

  • Variable modular construction
  • Reduced interfaces
  • Optimum flexibility
  • Diverse design options
  • Binding delivery date
  • Comprehensive warranty

Everything can be furnished

Room infrastructures can easily be varied and adapted with DIMENSIONS, even at an advanced stage of planning: for example with partitions, service connection points, and with the flexible arrangement of particularly protected workspaces and room-in-room systems.

  • Innovative solutions
  • Individual appearance
  • Flexible and easily adaptable structures
  • Economic use of space in limited areas
  • Time-saving and cost-efficient implementation, also in existing property

Benefit from 70 years of experience

We have been developing and implementing the individual use of laboratory space since 1950. We would be pleased to be of assistance to you with this expertise for designing and building functional buildings. Ideally, please contact us prior to commencing the planning stage.

Draft and model in 3D

The functioning use of space requires the coordinated combination of a multitude of trades. DIMENSIONS depicts all of those trades in a single obstruction-free 3D model, thus facilitating your planning, saving time, optimizing preparation of the site and enthralling clients.

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