Plan the first 3% with us, and the remaining 97% will cost less.

The developmental planning of a property requires just 3% of the total ownership cost. At the same time, it has a significant impact on the amount of all follow-up costs, such as later management costs, for example.

Make use of our holistic engineering and development expertise at the planning stage of your building or partial project. It is worthwhile: the sooner you involve us, the more economical the operation will turns out to be later on. And with regard to the benefits, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

„It is always worthwhile to involve us with DIMENSIONS right from the start of the pre-planning phase of your project. That way we are able to make full use of the whole potential of our all-in-one solution.“

Joerg Hoffmann, Managing Director WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen

WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen GmbH & Co.KG

If a building or a room is already in operation, conversion costs are high and the possibilities for adaptations are limited. Yes, to some extent.

If DIMENSIONS is allowed to contribute to the development right from the start, the room infrastructure remains flexible for all kinds of conversions. It can then easily be adapted and expanded whenever needed even during operations: fast, cost-efficiently, cleanly, and without unduly affecting ongoing use.



Beauty Innovation Hub for The Body Shop in London

Multi-storey office building, integration into an existing building, 300 m2 of flexible high-tech infrastructure for product development and quality control, from an empty room to the turnkey handover of the laboratory. That was more than just cosmetics, but almost as quick.

Utmost flexibility, secondary applications and alternative subsequent use

Using a modular technical infrastructure, DIMENSIONS allows for the fast conversion of buildings and variable adaptation of layouts, rooms, sections, functional surfaces, organisational structures, workflows, and workplaces. This works for both new and existing buildings, and for complete or partial projects.

Despite a planning paradox, DIMENSIONS’ brings you these benefits

  • Time-saving and cost-efficient adaptation of room infrastructure
  • Value added by alternative subsequent use
  • Optimization of the overall costs throughout the complete life cycle of the property
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