DIMENSIONS ensures optimized total cost of ownership for your investment, a fast time to market and a convertible property with value added.

Reduced time to market, low conversion costs

With us, a building or a room is ready for use earlier and is therefore on the market more quickly. This not only applies to new building projects and adaptations but also to secondary applications after conversion.


The following is of particular interest for both private investors and public financing bodies:

  • Optimized total cost of ownership
  • Free design and use of space
  • Fast project implementation and comprehensive warranty
  • One-stop shop
  • 70 years of professional expertise in laboratory construction

A laboratory today and an office tomorrow?

This can be achieved without any problems. DIMENSIONS implements rooms with a modular technical infrastructure, thus also equipping them with development potential for tomorrow. So the rooms remain convertible, will also meet future requirements, and are prepared for variable subsequent use and secondary applications.

Optimized total cost of ownership – this applies everywhere

DIMENSIONS implements projects across every continent. Our experienced experts take over the entire project management and ensure country-specific, on-site implementation of overall or partial projects. 


DIMENSIONS is made in Germany and by Waldner.

„Quality, know-how, time to market … DIMENSIONS provides an unbeatable all-in-one solution.“


  • guarantees adherence to schedules and quality of execution
  • provides transparent budget statements at an early stage
  • increases attractiveness and the intrinsic value of the building


Complete furnishing from the very beginning?

Although this is feasible, it does not have to be that way. Buildings and rooms can be easily, quickly, inexpensively and individually upgraded with DIMENSIONS. Only the furnishings and fittings you actually need are required at the start. For you as a private investor or public financing body, this results in lower investment costs at the start of the project.

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