With DIMENSIONS, facility managers are able to make adaptations while operations continue, and to reduce operating costs at the same time.

Conversion costs are high and adaptations may be complicated. Usually.

With DIMENSIONS, the room infrastructure always remains flexible. Even while operations continue, whole floors or individual sections can easily be adapted and expanded whenever needed: fast, cost-efficiently, cleanly, and without unduly affecting the ongoing use.

  • Fast adaptability of the infrastructure
  • Low operating costs
  • Simple adaptation and upgrade
  • No interim solutions required
  • Loss of rents are minimized
  • 3D model facilitates operation

DIMENSIONS requires less space to equip rooms.

This results in lower operating costs for facility and building managers alike.

The integration of new tools, completed equipment, zoning or room-in-room systems provide utmost flexibility for your tenants.


With a modular infrastructure, we enable you to quickly change and variably adapt

  • buildings and layouts
  • rooms and sections
  • functional surfaces
  • organizational structures
  • workflows
  • workplaces

The above is possible for either complete or partial projects, as well as for new or existing buildings.

Technical infrastructure, interfaces, warranty?

Always one and the same DIMENSIONS contact person takes care of your concern.

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