Function and design for Asia

The South Korean CJ group ranks among the major food and pharmaceuticals providers. We designed generous and flexible yet clear workplaces on a total of 17 floors for their new research complex Blossom Park.

  • Location

    Suwon, South Korea

  • Floor space

    7000 square metre

  • Application

    Food and pharmaceutical industry

  • DIMENSIONS scope of supplies

    Ceiling grid, flexible supply of services, furniture and fittings

  • Period of implementation

    10 months

  • Completion


  • Utilization

    Research and product development

In Europe, rooms often have lots of components in a small area. The award-winning design of Blossom Park in Suwon highlights alternatives. Specifications like “communication, function and aesthetics“ played a decisive role in our absolutely free design of the floor space. Important requirements were the DIMENSIONS ceiling grid and service module concept. Even we had never before experienced the multipurpose use of space to be as welcoming as in this project: interior meeting zones in the lab (see YouTube video).

„We at CJ are very happy with Waldner's finest quality lab furniture by which our researchers will definitely make great achievements in their fields.“

Sungjoo Lee, Senior Purchasing Analyst

CJ CheilJedang Corp., South Korea

Service modules for flexibility and design

With DIMENSIONS, services are supplied from above, so no fixed connections are required between furniture and supply units.

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