Flexible individuality for many areas

1,600 employees and scientists are currently conducting research at the Berlin-based Max-Delbrück-Centrum for Molecular Medicine, where we flexibly designed and individually equipped their new workplaces at the ERC.

  • Location

    Berlin, Germany

  • Floor space

    2,300 square metre

  • Application

    Biotechnology and health

  • DIMENSIONS scope of supplies

    Supply of services, partitions, furniture

  • Period of implementation

    7 months

  • Completion


  • Utilization


  • Lab Design

    EUROLABORS AG, Integrated Laboratory Planning

The new Experimental Research Center (ERC) comprises biological laboratories up to safety level 2, as well as radioisotope and analytical laboratories. This means there are many areas with diverse requirements for which DIMENSIONS provided the necessary flexibility to meet the diverse criteria, e.g. with special functional walls capable of simultaneously mastering several tasks at the same time in a space-saving manner thanks to their particularly stable structure:

  • Easy integration of room-in-room systems
  • Zoning for offices and analysis of workplaces
  • Variable workplace design, e.g. by mounting tables at individual heights

Partitions are multifunctional

You can directly attach accessory components to our special functional walls and thus design workplaces individually.

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