High requirements in a low existing building

This technology group is the global leader in the field of energy generation systems. DIMENSIONS masterminded the construction of the new Siemens open-space lab at the Industriepark Höchst in Frankfurt.

  • Location

    Frankfurt, Germany

  • Floor space

    1,500 square metre

  • Application


  • DIMENSIONS scope of supplies

    All trades, furniture

  • Period of implementation

    7 months

  • Completion


  • Utilization

    Material research and quality assurance

During the implementation of the open-space lab and the side labs, several distinctive features had to be taken into consideration. Even for an open-space lab, a floor area of 750 m2 is unusual. The numerous large devices required overdimensioned fume hoods and housings. A separate ventilation management system and safety aspects were decisive for the simple yet elegant zoning of the explosion-proof sections with special industrial curtains. In addition, we had to manage with a minimum floor height because of the structural conditions.


DIMENSIONS Engineering

  • Technical expertise in the trades
  • Expert knowledge for the industry and for construction workflows
  • Integral expertise to lead trades towards a functioning all-in-one solution
  • Project management experience with construction projects

Certified efficient ventilation

We optimize our ventilation and control system in our certified in-house test lab for fume hood measurements.

„We would like to offer our clients highly-qualified laboratory services time- and cost-effectively. That was the planning basis for developing our new laboratories. We decided in favour of Waldner’s variable, modular furnishing system DIMENSIONS. The service ceiling distributes all essential supplies and is combined with our own laboratory apparatus models, which can be used flexibly. That means we are able to be versatile in operating within the area-optimised spaces available and to fulfil a wide variety of customer requirements – now and in the future.“

Martin Rost, Project Management

Siemens AG Engineering & Consulting, Frankfurt

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