Modular laboratory in just 8 months

The Body Shop currently has 3,100 shops in 66 countries. We designed and built a new Beauty Innovation Hub for the London headquarters of this natural cosmetics chain.

  • Location

    London, United Kingdom

  • Floor space

    3,200 square feet

  • Application


  • DIMENSIONS scope of supplies

    All trades, furniture and fittings

  • Period of implementation

    8 months

  • Completion

    At the end of 2016

  • Utilization

    Product development and quality assurance

This project started with an empty room in a multi-storey office building. DIMENSIONS not only developed, designed and built the lab, but also provided all the required trades and was responsible for overall project management. Our experts were on site right from the start for the execution of the construction including assembly and installation.

Service modules as a flexible floor version

This version of our service column does not require any fixed reference point and can be freely placed in the room.

„The Body Shop worked with Waldner to develop the lab, which is completely modular and therefore flexible to meet different requirements as the facility develops.“

Gaetane David, Research and Innovation Director

The Body Shop

DIMENSIONS works for conventional, mobile and temporary buildings, as well as for refurbishments and conversions.

We provide our one-stop-shop solutions for both complete and partial projects.

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