Additional components

Nice to have? Must have!

With our additional components, we provide an economic and ergonomic design of your workplaces, suitable for individual workflows.


DIMENSIONS’ additional components result in

  • ergonomically-furnished workplaces
  • workplaces with a functional and efficient design
  • optimized workflows
  • economic use of space
  • detailed and individual workplaces


If you think that our additional components, such as shelves, suspended cabinets or local extractor hoods, are only “nice to have”, just ask your employees what they think about:

  • insufficient storage space
  • annoying smells and too high temperatures
  • long routes
  • sub-optimally-furnished workplaces

Additional components – Product subgroups

  • Shelves
  • Suspended cabinets
  • Local extraction devices
  • Splash protection
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