Air conditioning system

Ideal temperatures and a comfortable working atmosphere  

Our air conditioning system controls temperature and humidity, achieves and maintains room temperatures, cools, and guarantees given set values in rooms and sections.


Our air conditioning and temperature control is essential to

  • ensure an optimum room temperature and a comfortable working atmosphere
  • maintain set parameters such as temperature and humidity
  • enable zonings with different temperatures and humidity
  • guarantee ideal conditions for experiments and applications
  • create the preconditions for unbiased work results

Different room climates offer opportunities for a wide range of applications.

With DIMENSIONS you can individually control the temperature, also in small individual sections.

How will temperature control and cooling be resolved for your project?

The all-in-one solution provided by DIMENSIONS supplies everything rooms require for optimum temperatures and a comfortable working atmosphere: air conditioning, ventilation and control technology – from engineering services to implementation.

Air conditioning system – product subgroups

  • Recirculation air cooling device
  • Radiator grille
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
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