Ceiling grid system

The ceiling is the basis

The ceiling grid system holds the technical room installations: the ventilation system, sanitary services, lighting, electrical services, and optional additional components such as cooling elements, local extraction devices or shelving systems. It is also used as a fixation device for service modules and provides connectors for partitions.


DIMENSIONS combines flexible furniture and fittings with a variable room layout, thus allowing maximum space convertibility. This is facilitated by our ceiling grid system with its special supporting structure and fixation system.


The ceiling grid system is a prerequisite for:

  • an ideal technical installation process
  • a ceiling capable of bearing load
  • the maximally flexible and economical use of space


With its fixation system, the DIMENSIONS ceiling grid system allows quick and easy installation – without interfering with the fabric of the building.


Our structural analysis for the ceiling grid system guarantees:

  • customised configuration of the profiles
  • safe fixations
  • efficient and space-saving organization of the ceiling grid system
  • optimized coordination

The DIMENSIONS ceiling grid system facilitates the independent separation of furniture and technical supplies. No connection to stationary furniture is required for the supplies so that the use of space can be quickly and easily converted, expanded, or reduced.


Further benefits of our ceiling grid system

  • designs closed ceilings, also subsequently
  • provides a high-quality appearance in all RAL colours
  • increases flexibility for conversion, even at an advanced building stage
  • may be pre-produced early on, thus accelerating project implementation


DIMENSIONS assembles trades for an individual all-in-one solution for a convertible use of space

  • high flexibility for building-related adaptations also during the planning stage
  • fewer interfaces
  • fast and cost-efficient installations
  • reusability of adaptations
  • significantly lower conversion costs compared to conventional furniture and fittings

Ceiling grid system – Product subgroups for closed ceilings

  • Closed ceiling panels in sheet metal execution
  • Perforated ceiling panels (acoustics)
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