The starting point of every all-in-one solution

The more comprehensively the future use of space is considered at the planning stage, the more efficiently and economically a room may be used, adapted, or converted later on. That is why we shape our engineering services in a holistic and interdisciplinary way. This means that DIMENSIONS brings together all the specialist trades and people involved at the earliest stage of the project.


DIMENSIONS takes over the following tasks:

  • Project management
  • Coordination of the specialist trades and planning contents
  • Coordination of the interests of everyone involved in the project
  • Communication with customers


More precise?

We would be pleased to advise you about cost control and the efficiency of the integrated trades, ensure consideration of all interfaces and reduce their number to a minimum.

Conventional planning is made in 2D. DIMENSIONS upgrades to 3. 

  • We develop all plans in 3D and represent all trades in a single obstruction-free 3D model.
  • Height dimensions ensure the best possible preparation
  • Possible points of obstruction can be revised prior to implementation
  • 3D data can be used for future room use
  • Conversion into a BIM-compatible format upon consultation
  • Saves costs and time
  • Optimizes the quality of on-site implementation
  • Simplifies subsequent conversion of functional spaces
  • Enables the quick and cost-efficient adaptation of spaces for secondary applications


We provide everything needed for this kind of engineering service

  • Technical expertise with regard to the trades
  • Profound expertise in the industry and in the field of construction workflows
  • Integral know-how to lead trades to a functioning all-in-one solution
  • Experienced construction project management



DIMENSIONS avoids the cost-intensive and time-consuming stumbling blocks of the conventional construction industry

Engineering by DIMENSIONS guarantees the following for your project:

  • Smooth workflow
  • Efficient coordination of suppliers
  • Preparation of production and logistics on schedule
  • Optimum time-to-market process
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