Lighting system

Optimum lighting system for bright minds

Our lighting system guarantees the optimum lighting of rooms and workspaces, saves energy and ensures your employees‘ well-being:

  • Shadowless lighting of the workplace
  • Glare-free lighting for writing tasks
  • Illuminance of 500 lux at a working height of 750 mm
  • Appealing appearance and design of the lamps
  • Dimmable lighting as an additional option

We supply your lighting system for complete as well as partial construction projects.

What you should take into account

  • Lighting that is either too bright or too dark results in unfavourable workplace conditions. And bad light conditions affect your employees‘ health and are often the cause of eye problems, concentration difficulties and rapid fatigue.

Our lighting system ensures

  • optimum lighting of workplaces and rooms
  • cost savings by using LED lamps with low energy consumption
  • enlightening moments and bright spots

Lamps have to illuminate but must not glare

DIMENSIONS supplies flexible, cost-efficient and sustainable solutions for lighting systems

Our modular lighting system can be universally used and reused for conversions and adaptations of workplaces, or for an alternative use of space.  Make use of our engineering expertise to develop your construction project.

Lighting system – Product subgroups

  • Standard lighting system
  • Lighting tubes
  • LED lamps
  • Rectangular lamps
  • Panel lights
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