They are capable of more than just separating

Partitions define rooms by organizing functional spaces, dividing sections, differentiating zones, designing workplaces, and creating room-in-room systems.


With modular and flexible partitions, we design adaptable and convertible room concepts so that conversions and adaptations can be implemented much more quickly and cleanly. And the costs are just a fraction of the investments involved in building a new conventional wall.

Partitions need to

  • be based on a flexible and modular system
  • allow for easy installation when rooms are adapted or converted
  • allow for the variable use of different materials, e.g. in case of increased hygienic requirements

Partitions offer an enhanced range of applications if executed as a functional wall version: sound insulation, insulation or attachment of add-on units or additional components.


DIMENSIONS partitions may be produced with filler material, glass or as a door, and are designed for indoor use.

Partitions – Product subgroups

  • General system wall
  • Functional wall
  • Sound insulating wall
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