Sanitary services

Flexible, suitable and to the point

Our sanitary services ensure the flexible distribution of gas and water in the rooms and ensure their individual provision at the points of consumption, workplaces or appliances.


Sanitary services by DIMENSIONS allow for freedom of design, economic use of space, and individual solutions for floor space design. Gases and waters are available in every room, section or zone, appropriately dimensioned and of a suitable quality.

Our engineering service creates a suitable solution for you

  • Dimensioning of pipes
  • Flow rates
  • Quality of pipe materials for gas, water and high purity gases
  • Pipe distributors to flexibly connect service columns


Improperly-dimensioned pipe sections of sanitary services can have undesirable consequences:

  • Insufficient water and gas supply
  • Limited appliance function
  • Impaired workflows
  • Delays and additional costs on account of upgrades

Sanitary services – Product subgroups

  • Pipes
  • Distributor blocks
  • Couplings
  • Shut-off valves
  • Flexible hoses
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