Service modules

All blessings come from above

Our modular service modules provide water, gas, electricity and data supplies from above to be used at the place of application – that way everything remains flexible.


For DIMENSIONS, the supply of services is routed to tables, appliances and machines from above. As no fixed connection is required, the room is freely available for use, thus facilitating the highly efficient and convertible use of space and workplaces.


Service modules are the central element for the convertible use of space. These are the key elements:

  • The right dimensions
    Do the service modules provide sufficient space to route the required number of services?
  • Modular construction
    Can additional outlets, sockets and data sockets be subsequently integrated into the service modules?
  • Flexible reuse
    Can the service module be reused in other sections after conversion or adaptation?

The service module is crucial to the concept of the convertible use of space.

The more flexible the service module, the more variable the room.

Universally applicable - DIMENSIONS provides modular service fittings in various versions:

  • as service columns attached to the ceiling grid system
  • as service ducts integrated into the partition
  • as mobile floor-standing service columns

Service module – Product subgroups

  • Service column, on one or two sides, wall-mounted or free above a double workbench
  • Mobile column
  • Horizontally suspended service duct
  • Service duct in a partition, or bench-mounted
  • Electric column for electric equipment
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