Ventilation system

Fresh air and a great atmosphere

The ventilation system provides fresh air and a comfortable working atmosphere, ensures the required exchange of air in the rooms, as well as your employees‘ industrial safety.


Our ventilation system controls both the room supply and extract air. The following are essential:

  • sufficient fresh air, no draught
  • effective air circulation
  • exchange of air in critical room zones
  • fast disposal of possible pollutants
  • individual zoning of ventilation areas
  • comfortable room atmosphere
  • highly convenient operation
  • no impairment of other devices

DIMENSIONS is able to ensure more than eight-fold air exchange

Our ventilation system takes care of industrial safety and ensures your employees’ protection against substances hazardous to health. By providing special solutions, we are able to provide applications that require more than the conventional eight-fold standard air exchange.

Supports a flexible, cost-efficient and time-saving use of space

Like all DIMENSIONS trades, our ventilation system is also easy to install, can be quickly adapted, and detached without any problems. Specific challenges are met with the modular use of different ventilation components.


Ventilation system – Product subgroups

  • Ventilation ducts
  • Ventilation pipes
  • Duct sound attenuators
  • Pipe sound attenuators
  • Swirl diffusers
  • Slot diffusers
  • Broad multiplex outlets
  • Textile air hoses for supply air
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